Our Mission

Buy Kiwi is a New Zealand owned and operated multi-vendor eCommerce brand designed to make it easier for Kiwi shoppers to support local and national businesses.

Our purpose is to minimise New Zealand dollars being sent overseas and maximise local employment. Subsequently, we also want to minimise the “importing of inflation” and minimise the environmental impacts of importing from overseas. Our aim is to provide kiwi shoppers with a local platform to support other kiwi businesses while also helping to save the planet

We achieve this by connecting New Zealanders with local businesses 24 hours a day & 7 days a week. In doing this, we aim to provide convenience, choice and flexibility to our Buy Kiwi Shoppers and Buy Kiwi Members.

Being in New Zealand we know that a lot of our products are imported from overseas. So, we want to create a trustworthy platform where hardworking local businesses can display their products to Kiwi shoppers. Hence, our aim is to create awareness about the environmental impacts of shopping overseas products. As this is the time for us to realise where we are spending our money and who we are spending it on.

We have taken the time to source some of the best New Zealand based businesses to join us as sellers here at Buy Kiwi.

We also understand that some goods can’t be purchased in New Zealand. So, if you are buying imported goods, buy them from a New Zealand owned and operated company and support Kiwi businesses.

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